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More Chuckwagon Recipes And Others
Description: Home style cooking, cooking from scratch, quick meals. Recipes for any occasion, cooking for family, company and special occasions. Quick meals for surprise guests.
If you are bored and want to cook like the chuckwagon cook used to – there are Chuckwagon Recipes that were used to feed the cowboys when they were out on the range – such as Sourdough Biscuits, Chicken Fried Steak and Peach Cobbler. Yum, Yum! What’s for Supper?
Our friends, people who ate with us on our Chuck Wagon, and people who had used our first cookbook kept asking about another one. So, we came out with “Chuckwagon Recipes And Others No. 3”.
Book Style: Soft Cover
Price: 15.00
Shipping: 3.00
Information Make Check Payable to Sue Cunnigham or Jean Cates
Order by Mail: Sue Cunningham or Jean Cates
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