Pie in the Sky
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Pie in the Sky
by H. Diane Vittoria
Rocky Mountain High
Description: My cookbook is just Pie recipes and Pie Crust recipes. I have used the No Fail recipe for the crusts for over forty years and it has never failed me. I try to come up with a new recipe for pies at least once a week so many of the recipes in the book are mine, and then some are from friends, and a collection of them I have saved over the years. I bake for the Great Sand Dunes restaurant from May until the end of September. We are located in South Western Colorado near the Great Sand Dunes National Park. I have made all of the pies in the book and had great raves from customers, but mostly they rave about the crusts. Pie baking is a lost art, I believe, but once you’ve made your own you’ll never go back to a store-bought pie. Happy Baking! The Mosca Pie Lady
Featured Recipe: German Chocolate Pie
Book Style: Soft Cover
Price: $12.50
Shipping: $3.00
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Order by Mail: H. Diane Vittoria
105 Indian Hill Rd.
Mosca, CO 81145