Rescue Roundup
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Rescue Roundup
Gerda’s Animal Aid, Inc.
Description: The Gerda’s Animal Aid, Inc. (GAA) cookbook, “Rescue Roundup Recipes,” helps fund horse rescues for U.S.A. slaughter bound horses to be shipped to Canada and Mexico for human consumption. With appealing design and lots of color photos, the cookbook includes an introduction about GAA and “Rescue Close-up” pages featuring many of our rescued horses and their new forever home people — plus 90 great recipes contributed by supporters of GAA. Recipes for humans and horses!
Featured Recipe: Sweet Feed Horse Cookies
Book Style: Soft Cover
Price: $20.00
Shipping: $5.00
Sales Tax: (included)
Order by Mail: Gerda’s Animal Aid, Inc.
PO Box 1352
West Townshend, VT 05359