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bigstock-Grandmother-and-granddaughter--30682340The Cookbook Shoppe is a production of Cookbook Publishers, Inc., dedicated to the promotion and support of our customers and the love of good cooking. We have been in the business of helping with fundraisers and cookbook self-publishing since 1947. We have created a space where you can help support the many causes represented by these cookbooks, and have the opportunity to share in a bit of history from around the United States.

Each cookbook has its own collection of recipes created by the organization’s members, friends, and family. We also offer a few of our own books, with recipes chosen from among a library of over 250,000 recipes. These cookbooks are designed to help you bring a little variety to your table and a little fun in the kitchen.

If you’re a Cookbook Publishers, Inc. customer, be sure to contact us about getting your cookbook listed here. The Cookbook Shoppe is a free service offered to all our customers! Not a Cookbook Publishers, Inc. customer? Let us help with a new printing of your cookbook. We welcome you to our family and will give your book the TLC it deserves.

Any customers who have requested a listing for their cookbook will have received a direct link to their cookbook page for distribution to their own audience. If you want to look around at what others are doing, you can use the search field to look by title, category, or state. You can also use the categories listings to search by type of cause. At the bottom of the categories list are the Cookbook Publishers own books, listed by topic.